Task 1

Computer Assisted Language Learning

Review websites for Learning English Language.


This website is recommended by the writer. Because of this website is very helpful for young learners in learning English language. Through an excellent various features in the website the kids will be fun in learning English. Kids who are the active learner absolutely will be enjoying learning English with flashcards, song, and games. Worksheet also available measuring whether kids understand material or not. The kids also can join online learning class and ask the tutor through contact bar in the up- side of the website.


This learning English website is controlled by British Council, which this website is proposed for teenager’s learners.  Through the five features such as English skills practice, grammar and vocabulary, exam, free time and magazine, the teenager’s will have a lot fun in learning English. An interesting material has been chosen and selected for teenager’s enthusiasm. No more a unexciting learning!.


Listen and write website is the greatest website for learners who are attracted to improve listening and writing skills with an exciting activity. Listen and write will improve the learners’ listening skills and writing through listening and watching a bunch of various videos. The videos include song’s videos, News’s video and etc. The learners also can choose their own learning level, so the learner must not deal with a difficult learning material that beyond their understanding.



The English is highly-recommended for the beginner learners. The beginner learner will be introduced with the new vocabulary with several different themes. For example the body, Numbers, Clothing, etc. However, the website also provides a grammar lesson which appropriate with beginners level.


English Central website is a well-known English learning website for million interesting videos. All learners’ level can use this website to improve their listening comprehension and speaking comprehension. An interesting videos automatically up the motivation of the learners in learning English language. Learning can be defining as an enjoyment activities. No more bored!




     9. 1


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